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Stacy Davis

Wealth Advisor

Phone: 417-725-1131, ext. 212

Stacy provides Wealth Management Services that may assist in reducing taxes, eliminating the fear of financial loss, and providing the ability to retire comfortably. Stacy gives her clients a high level of personal service and develops a customized strategy to help them achieve their goals. She has over 20+ years of comprehensive investment experience.

Stacy is married, with two sons, and has loved living in Nixa with her family for the past 20+ years.  She is involved in several networking groups and community groups including:  Executive Women’s Club, Working Women’s Web, Masterminds of Biz/The Connectors Chapter, Nixa Chamber of Commerce, and The Association for Women in Communications.

When asked about her ultimate goal for her clients, Stacy said, “It’s to empower my clients by reducing and eliminating their fears regarding their financial future.  I strive to be the trusted person my clients and business partners come to.  I help them prepare for their future and value their dreams and goals by preparing a plan designed for them.”

Stacy is also very passionate about helping people, no matter what age, making sure they are financially protected and that their family is too, helping clients achieve their financial stability by helping them build a strong foundation and plan for all retirement needs!  Whether just starting out with retirement planning, helping small businesses set up Simple IRA or 401(k)’s for their employees, or someone that needs more income at retirement.


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