What makes Insurance Group of the Ozarks Different?



We think that these points make Insurance Group of the Ozarks different than your usual run of the mill insurance agency. Our client relationships are what makes our business special.




  1. We offer a “cup of tea” type of service and hospitality to our clients; you are always welcome to “Pop in” the office for a cup of tea unannounced!
  2. Compassion for our clients—we may offer services year ‘round to those who do business with us that typically doesn’t generate a dime of commission. We’re in the relationship business to serve when needed; not just in reciprocation of a reward.
  3. How many sales people can HONESTLY say they would forfeit a sale if it’s in the best interest of the client? At times when we review a client’s health insurance options, the result may mean they should do absolutely nothing!
  4. Integrity of our team of agents! Though we may be small in numbers compared to other insurance agencies, we find this to be our strongest asset. We are CHOOSY about who we employ to represent IGO.  Never a history of complaint against IGO or any of its agents with the Department of Insurance since our establishment in 2000. If you think this is easy…THINK AGAIN! How many salespeople have you encountered in your lifetime that you’d say were to at least a small degree…slimy?!
  5. Education is IGO’s PRIMARY objective during any first appointment with a potential client. We want to “clear out the clutter” and bring insurance “down to earth” so that you don’t just pay for services you might never use simply because you don’t understand its benefits.
  6.  Finally, our mission at IGO is simply stated: “do unto others as you would have done to you”….in business and in relationships.
Nicci Troiani

Nicci Troiani

Nicci is the Social Media Manager at IGO, she started working with IGO in 2011 and manages all of our social media platforms and blog. Nicci now lives in Las Vegas and works for IGO remotely. She lives there with her husband and her cat, Princess.