January Content Favorites

With so much content out there, we run into great articles all of the time. When we come across any that we think our readers would benefit from, we like to compile a list for our blog so you can enjoy them as well. Here’s what’s going on this month that made our list:

6 Reasons People Don’t Buy Life Insurance (and Why They’re Wrong)

We love this blog, because in our day to day, we hear these reasons a lot. Check out these common reasons and hear out Life Happens as to why you shouldn’t be putting it off.

What Are the Implications of Repealing the Affordable Care Act for Medicare Spending and Beneficiaries?

The big buzz in the insurance world is repealing the Affordable Care Act. Read up to learn how this may affect Medicare spending and beneficiaries.

JAMA Forum: What Might an ACA Replacement Plan Look Like?

Again, with the hot topic of the month- the Affordable Care Act. Here’s an article exploring what a replacement plan might look like. Whether you’re currently on an ACA plan, or considering one, it might be useful to explore the possibilities and ‘what-ifs.”

Nicci Troiani

Nicci Troiani

Nicci is the Social Media Manager at IGO, she started working with IGO in 2011 and manages all of our social media platforms and blog. Nicci now lives in Las Vegas and works for IGO remotely. She lives there with her husband and her cat, Princess.