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When Do I Sign Up for Medicare?

By Leah Callahan | August 2, 2019

As an advisor specializing in options for individuals eligible for Medicare, one of the most common misunderstandings is “when” to enroll to avoid potential penalties. If you’re nearing age 65, you’re likely familiar with the junk mail phenomenon — a sea of confusing advertisements disguised as legitimate “government-sponsored” enrollment forms.  You may receive phone calls,…

Avoiding Fraud with New Medicare ID’s

By Leah Callahan | July 11, 2019

In April of this year, the last of the new Medicare ID cards arrived from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). After years of discussion and planning implementation, new cards have been issued and mailed to those eligible for Medicare — age 65 and above or individuals who have been on disability for…

Short Term Health Insurance Options

By Leah Callahan | June 4, 2019

Short term health insurance plans, sometimes referred to as “catastrophic” plans, are growing in number since the government removed the mandate to have a qualifying health plan. If you live in “417-land,” you may already know the only qualifying health plan is Ambetter, available on the Health Insurance Marketplace ( Pricing for Ambetter is usually…

Medicare Supplement – Plan F vs Plan G

By Leah Callahan | May 20, 2019

As we meet with individuals both NEW to Medicare, or those who have been covered for many years, one of the most common questions we are asked is about the difference between a Supplement Plan F and a Plan G.  In a nutshell, Medicare Supplements (nationwide) are categorized by letters (F, G, N, A, L,…

The Surprising Benefits of Volunteering

By Leah Callahan | April 23, 2019

If you recently asked someone how they’re doing, the immediate reply was probably, “Busy.” I’ve tried to be more intentional about changing my answer to this question after being challenged by an article on “minimalism.” Packing the calendar with “busy-ness” isn’t really something to brag about. Busy can be productive, but it can also be…

3 Ways to Earn Money by Spring Cleaning

By Leah Callahan | March 22, 2019

How can we arrive to March and NOT talk about Spring Cleaning? In fact, the New Year has come and gone…you PLANNED to be “minimal” and purge unwanted items from the house after Christmas brought new treasures, but did you? DID YOU? Fortunately for us, it’s not at all taboo to purchase new, but used,…

6 Ways to Reduce Your Health Care Costs

By Leah Callahan | February 22, 2019

I’ve had the pleasure of a front-row seat to the ever-changing environment of healthcare as an insurance advisor the last 12 years. These changes not only include the rising cost of health insurance premiums but prescriptions and out-of-pocket copays/deductibles. Since I am self-employed, I relate to the “typical” shopper of health insurance—no employer to offer…

Be Minimal

By Leah Callahan | January 25, 2019

“Be Minimal” 2019 started off with the idea of decluttering and being “minimalist”, thanks to the trending Netflix series featuring Marie Kondo titled “Tidying Up”…if you haven’t caught a peek yet, Kondo is Japanese and brings her principles of minimalism, cleaning and organizing to the US in simple steps which aren’t overwhelming, and her gentle,…

Just be yourself

By Nicole Van Kirk | October 9, 2018

Last month Leah Callahan was awarded one of three most Trusted Insurance Advisor for 2018 by the Springfield Business Journal, in the video below, Leah talks about how she found her way into the Insurance world and what she has learned so far in her career. Check out the link below to watch the video.…

What is Labor Day?

By Leah Callahan | August 27, 2018

What is Labor Day? You probably recognize it because it’s a day off work… but what’s the origin of Labor Day, anyway? It began in the late 19th century as the trade union and labor movements started to grow, and was a day of the year chosen by tradesmen to celebrate labor! One early history…

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